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We're a small family business based on the beautiful Somerset Levels in the South West of England. A few years ago, we started life in a little shop in Ilminster but have since moved on to focus on our website with our lovely range of painted bird tables, obelisks and beehive storage as well as stone statues, plinths & bird baths. Just pop us an email or give us a call if you have any queries, we always love to hear from you!

James & Mandy Meakins


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  • Bird Tables & Feeders make the perfect gift for birthdays, anniveraries and weddings and we have a lovely range of painted hanging and freestanding tables available. They are all made to a very high standard & many of our bird tables are available to order in a choice of colours.
    All of our Bird Tables are made in the UK by producers who support the need for responsible and sustainable forestry, and come with installation & maintenance instructions.

    Garden Obelisks are extremely popular at Lanes garden Shop due to their design as well as very high quality. We have three designs available including the traditional and best selling Garden Obelisk to the more contemporary Tower Obelisk, Each of them are also available in the paint shade of your choice ... from Cotswold Green to Brampton Grey, to suit your garden style.


    We have a beautiful range of painted wooden pieces for your garden - perfect for storage and display. Our Beehive Storage and Beehive Post Box are extremely popular and can be painted in the shade of your choice. 

    For a vintage touch, our French Painter Steps make a unique display statement and our beautiful Potting Bench is pure country living style.

    Lanes Garden Statues feature figures from history, literature and myths including fairies, cherubs, angels and eastern buddhas as well as popular country children statues. 
    Animal statues & ornaments are very popular as garden features - everything from seahorses to whippets, spaniels and great danes. If you are looking for something special, please let us know and we'll see if we can help. 
    There is something to suit every size garden and style whether you are looking for a grand and imposing statement piece or a smaller statue for a corner of your garden. See www.lucasstone.co.uk for the full range that we can order for you.

    Water Features can be an elegant feature creating a relaxing & peaceful garden or a bold statement piece in a modern contemporary setting. We have a wide range of water features available to order including fountains, flowers, ammonites, cherubs, buddha's and medieval designs - something to suit everyone's style and space.

    See www.lucasstone.co.uk for the full range that we can order for you.

    Plinths and Finials add a special touch to your garden. Whether you need a plinth for a statue or sundial, finials for your gateway, or decorative stone pot for your plants - we have a wide range of styles from simple & contemporary to decorative and traditional. 

    See www.lucasstone.co.uk for the full range that we can order for you.


    Pots, planters urns & containers can add a huge amount of colour and interest to your garden. A traditional decorative pot could be crammed with colourful flowers or a simple contemporary pot could feature an elegant weeping tree.

    Obelisks are hugely popular right now, adding not only a practical element for your climbers but also a stunning feature to your garden.

    Our range provides a mix of handpainted wooden planters & obelisks, small pots & large statement stoneware urns so each garden can find its perfect piece. See www.lucasstone.co.uk for the full range that we can order for you.